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About Us

Matt and Ben always loved the sweet vanilla scent wafting through their Nan’s old house when they were boys as she made a batch of our old family recipe fudge. Of course back then they were more interested in scraping the pot clean in anticipation of the fudge being ready than actually making it themselves. When Matt and Ben rediscovered this recipe a few years back they decided to give it a go. The first batch, they were ashamed to say, was not the delicious fudge their Nan used to make!  So they drafted in their Mum Linda’s help. Linda’s batch was bang on, and the boys both urged Linda to pack the delicious fudge and sell it. And that’s what we have done.  

The range continues to expand and we take a great deal of pride sourcing and supporting our local  Welsh suppliers so we guarantee that you will taste the freshness and quality in the first bite of our Fudge.  

We hope you enjoy our proper fudge as much as we do making it!  

Andrew, Linda, Matt & Ben